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Cello von der Cookie Box "Cello"

Kirsti Forstén

Cello was born in Germany, in the kennel of Cookie-Box on the 27th of April 2005. The breeder of Cello is Maria Krahs-Dugger.

Cello is our little beam of sunshine. Cello is always full of energy and he loves to do different kind of things, especially with someone, but also alone if needed. All you have to do is just throw a quick glance at Cello and he will be ready immediately. At that instant, moment his inquiring look is asking you: " What are WE going to do?". Cello is also able to calm down when the calmness is needed, e.g. during different kind of courses, trips etc.

Cello listens very well, when we are speaking to him. He is almost every time the one, who comes first to us, when we are calling our dogs. Sometimes Cello teases Arska a bit, in the very next moment Cello will creep in front of Arska. Sometimes "the boys" have "men's things": they are rambling side by side and pottering together in perfect harmony and in consensus. Arska also asks Cello to play and on the other hand Cello will help Arska, if someone is teasing Arska.

Cello has also couple of weak points. One is the enormous interest in the females. That belongs to his age, of course, and fortunately that interest in females does not make Cello deaf or disobedient, though Cello listen to us and obey us.

The other "weak point" is that Cello always defends his owns, the humas as well as the animals. Unfamiliar dog may not jump against me. If it does so, Cello cames between me and the dog. If a unfamiliar dog can behave, Cello does not mind and the dog may come near me. An unfamiliar dog may not tease our own dogs neather, but in that kind of situation Cello is more considerate: he shows signals and deflect the situation to quite a new direction with no brawl.

As a whole I can only say, that Cello has very good temperament.

The photogallery of Cello.

Cello in KoiraNet, the database of The Finnish Kennel Club.

Available for breeding to suitable females with healthy eyes (eye examination not older than 12 months from the moment of mating).