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FI CH Kipazin Mentha Gracilis "Totoro"

Kirsti Forstén

Totoro, Popponen, Troo, ToroToro... The beloved "puppy" has many names and even one in every different kind of situation. Totoro is a bit dual person (typical Pisces perhaps?):
  • on the one hand he is very, very attached to his own family,
          on the other hand he is very self-satisfied and manages on his own
  • on the one hand he listens very carefully and is obedient,
          on the other hand he pretends not to hear us at all
  • on the one hand he really wants to please us in every way,
          on the other hand he is kind of "who cares" -fellow
  • on the one hand he is so lovely, so sweet,
          on the other hand he so awful, that you really need to think "What on earth should I do with this
Among his owns, both humans and dogs, Totoro wants to be everybody's friend and is ready to do what ever it requires, he even creeps at his back to reach your favour, if he thinks that such an action is needed. Totoro pays any atention to unknowns, but he can be bribed with titbits.

The photogallery of Totoro.

Totoro in KoiraNet, the database of The Finnish Kennel Club.