Kromis and the frisbee

Teksti ja kuvat: Kirsti Forstén, © Kirsti Forstén

Aasa, Viivi, Astra and Arska are waiting for the frisbee to fly.

The frisbee disappeared into the grass. Aasa and Viivi are in search of the frisbee.

Astra comes to help them.

And Arska too.

Finally they found the frisbee. But who will get it, let the contest to begin. Astra gives up, Aasa, Arska and Viivi start the competition.

Arska gets the frisbee and runs away. The others are following him. Even Astra starts to run, not because of the frisbee, but because of the joy of running.

The fight is meciless. Chili is leaving the battlefield.

Aasa, Arska and Viivi are still fighting for the frisbee and Astra is still running around the garden.

At last Viivi gives up, but Aasa and Arska continue the furious contest for the ownership of the frisbee.

Aasa wins this contest, although Arska did his best to the end.